Winner of the 2016 Good Design Award for best housewares Design! This heat resistant shell was designed to allow the user to safely handle the popcorn maker while it is hot from the microwave. The shell design is based off of vintage popcorn boxes with scalloped edges. The actual glass for this popcorn maker has already been in production for some time. The heat resistant shell was an add-on to this design to address the potential needs for safety and handling hot glass. Several stages of prototyping were used in this design, including 3d-printing to test fit and function of the product. The top cap was also 3d printed and was used to test quantity of popcorn kernels for final use. Initial sketch concepts were produced as a means to see several design directions the shell could take on. After the direction was chosen the design was streamlined, test and finally handed over to the factory for injection-molding.

Click to buy! Designed for Epoca International and Ecolution Brands